Adding earnings for models

How do we add earnings for models in the web panel?

Adding earnings for a model in the web panel, can be done in 4 ways:

  • directly from the performer app, as explained in this page: "how automatic earnings system works"
  • directly from the performer app, via clicking the earnings button above every camsite, to manually detect the earnings when needed (on purpose, by demand).
  • from the performers scheduler, using the appropriate button
  • or by manually adding shifts from the left menu, if really really necessary (for example useful when model was not online, but he/she received offline tips, etc).

Adding the earnings from the web panel

The process is almost identical for both using it from the scheduler or from the "manually add earnings" page (the only difference is that from scheduler, you can mark the shift as complete or not).

In the moment when you decide to add (or re-add) the earnings, a page (or popup dialog) will show up, looking similar to this one, but depending on model's camsite accounts:

Interfata adaugare incasari pentru un model
Interfata adaugare incasari pentru un model


Ok, despite the photo is in Romanian, things are actually simple. There are 3 columns:

  • in the first column, we show the camsite and the login details for the camsite. Some websites allow automatic login, others not, but we display the passwords so you can login faster;
  • in the second column, you can see the day's earnings. For websites like streamate for example (where they show weekly or daily stats) you can use this column to re-adjust the day's earnings;
  • in the last column,  you can see the total periodical earnings. Use this column in order for the system to automatically adjust the periodical total. The system will automatically compute the "difference" since last entry in database, and will consider the new "value" for the shift's date.


So, a few advices and use cases:

  • for camsites like LiveJasmin, XLoveCam, ImLive, Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, AdultWork, Flirt4Free, CamContacts, etc ...you can use the last column, where you input the TOTAL of earnings, as shown in the camsite.
  • for camsites like Streamate or iFriends (where they brake the earnings by day), its rather recommended to use the second column, with the daily earnings. But you can at any point also use the last colunmn, if you calculated the total manually.

Few precious advices (tips and tricks)

For AdultWork

AdultWork for example is a camsite that works in CREDITS, but your studio can be paid either in EUR or USD (or maybe other currency). The system will allow you to compute a formula so the credits will automatically get converted into your panel's base currency (which can be either USD or EUR)

So, if the model earned 100 credits and the conversion formula is 0.2999, the system will adjust the credits to 29.99 USD internally.

However, at the end of the pay period, you can REQUEST the transfer. At that point, their website will tell you exactly, for each model, how much USD (or EUR) was transfered.

Navigating to model's earnings you will learn that the estimated is not correct. So you can FORCE the correct value by using the DOLLAR sign in front of the value. Considering our example, if the model's credits actually where 33.05$ (instead our 29.99 estimated, according to formula), can force the new value by entering $33.05, and the system will automatically adjust the total to reflect the reality.


As explained in the adding camsite accounts in the panel (in the PIN section), for accuracy of the conversion as to the "fees" agreed with them, please use for all models, their correct conversion percentage. You might have a fixed percentage for all models, or depending on each account's setup, each model's percentage can vary from 70% to 86% (I think).

Generic conversion rates and formulas

For websites that require a conversion rate (eg: adultwork, flirt4free) or for converting EUR to USD or for converting studio's base currency in the panel to the local currency, please visit "Currencies and Rates" page from the software settings menu.