Camerolla Chat - mobile app for chatting with models or staff from Android phones

Hello all,

We customized the app Xabber (open-source) to work with our internal messenger systems.

The mobile chat app is called "Camerolla Chat" and is available in Google Play



As you can see in the screenshot abo the steps to configure your account are as following:

  1. your username, exactly as you use it in the panel or in the performer software
  2. The name of the studio (very very important), must be exactly as shown in the login page on your panel, with spaces and everything.
  3. the password you use when logging-in the panel. When you change your password in the panel, it will be automatically saved for your messenger account, BUT you will have to manually change it again in this app
  4. press the button to save the account and log-in.

Basically everything is already preconfigured by us, and the app should simply work.

We don't take credits for the app, because we did not develop it. As we stated already, its a custom build of Xabber for Android.