Configuring access rights in the panel software

Configuring access rights in the panel software


I am sorry to inform you, but for understanding how this works, we must first give you some introductions.

In a well organized business, every employee knows his roles and responsabilities.

Basically, a staff account that has the default (empty) rights, will only be able to access the dashboard (limited info), messages and the information pages.

In the moment when you've assigned a model to the admin (from model's settings page), this admin will have almost full-view rights over that model (access model's earnings, scheduler, etc),disregard the fact that the account will not be able to see any of the other models (except if they are also assigned to her/him).

The web panel functions, basiccally, by the following principles:

  • everyone can have full (or partial) access to several functionalities of the software
  • but in the same time, even if with limited access, a staff account might get access over some functionalities if that is required for completing his tasks

So, let's take the following scenario:

Let's have admin MIKE which will take care of models JOANE si JANE. I, as owner, want that MIKE to fully manage and improve these 2 models, but ignore all other.

So, after I've assigned him the above 2 models:

  • He will be able to view and inspect the evolution graphs of those 2 models
  • will have access over their payments (read only though)
  • will be able to write new reviews (evaluations)
  • will be allowed to access their documents
  • will be able to access their camsite accounts
  • will be able to schedule them in the scheduler, to add earnings, etc

But all other graphs in the panel will be limited to the 2 models that he has access over.

The above makes that all graphs MIKE sees (and other details) are very different than other admin sees (for eg CHRISTIAN, who might have access on all models).

Dedicated roles and rights

On the other hand, its best to have staff dedicated to various aspects of the panel. We will give you few scenarios here, so you understand that they are possible:

Case a: Rights for an accountant

In the case you want to give your accountant rights in the panel, you will need to give them access view earnings and payments, and leave the rest of the fileds unselected.

Case b: Rights for lead-trainers

Lead trainers must have access over all written reviews (written by "smaller" trainers), and maybe also to earnings... as you want.

Case c: Rights for photographers

Fotographers for example might only need access to the list of models... and tasks. That is all they should have access on

Case d: Rights for the admins that take care of camsite accounts

It is very likely that only a few persons in your studio have the "rights" to create model accounts. So, only for those, give them the rights to add camsite accounts for your models, securing yourself this way from the all others that should not have access there

Case e: Rights for creating model or staff accounts, interviews, etc

You can only allow a specific person to register new accounts in your panel software. There are interviews sections (for both staff and performers, separated).


Hopefully you understand the purpose of the rights system and you will love it smile