Creating a new model (performer) account in the panel

Registering a new performer (model) account in the web panel

In the left menu, navigate to "Our performers", then access the sub-menu "Human Resources (HR)". In this submenu, you will be able to access interviews, but for this page's purpose the "Add New Performer" page (/Performers/Add), where you will see a need for the following fields:

The username

This field must be unique and is what the model will use in order to authenticate either in the web panel or in the other apps (performer software on a computer, or the android mobile app).

Please use yourself a standard of your choice. We recommend using a combination between model's first name and last name (for example for Jane Smith, combinations are janes or janesmith or janes1 or whatever). But you can also use a performer name as you register her on websites (for eg: jessicaalba if that's her stage name).


It is absolutely mandatory that the password is longer than 6 characters, that it contains both letters and a digit. The password may also contain special characters likellowing: ! @ # $ % ^ & *

E-mail address

This field is used for password recovery

Mobile phone number

This phone number is used for informationhen displaying the performer, and is also important for Romanian clients, if they chose to use the SMS packages.

First name and Last name

Especially if you will use the work-contract or invoices paying system, its mandatory that these fields are correct, exactly as in the model's ID card

Nickname (stagename, or short name)

To protect the security of the models between each-other, we will not displaythe full names, but only the nicknames (in places like wall of fame, etc).

The Social security number

This field currently supports the Romanian standard, and its used in order to automatically detect model's birthday.

If you use invoices or work-contract, its important that this field is exactly like in the ID card, because it is used for printing documents.

In other cases, please only fill in first 7 digits, and use 000000 (6 of zero) for the last ones. The standard is as following: G YY MM DD (g = gender, YY = last 2 digits of the year, MM represents the month, DD represents the day of birth). For example Jane Smith, born 22nd april 1990, will have a SSN similar to 2 90 04 22 000000

The work room and shift where the model will work

In most studios, models are assigned a shift and a room in the studio, so they always work in that room (so members learn the decorations, she will know all details of the room, etc).

However, in other studios, models login chaotically, where a room is free, when its free.

Depending on your studio's business model, you can either assign a room for the model or not.


  • if the model will have a room and a shift assigned, she will be able to schedule herself via software ONLY in that room and shift. ALSO, you (as studio admin/owner, will be able to establish a FIXED scheduler for the model, that automatically replicates in future every new week).
  • if the model is not configured with a room or shift, she will be enforced by the system to fill-in the scheduler, allowing her to chose from all rooms and all shifts (the free ones, unscheduled already and unbound).

Number of shifts required for a pay period. Number of hours and minutes per shift, so that a shift will be marked as "completed".

This software's priciples are eliminating chaos and healthy principles of work behavior.

So, for each model, you can configure exactly how many shifts she must work, and how many hours (and minutes) per shift she must be online.

Based on the values you configure here, the system will:

  • automatically mark shifts as COMPLETED or INCOMPLETE
  • calculate the model's SERIOSITY
  • calculate the studio's efficiency

Let's give a short example. The studio has 3 models: Jane (10 shif, 7 hours per shift), Ophelia (9 shifts, 10 hours per shift) and Martha as part-time model (5 shifts, 6 hours per shift).

Based on this, at the end of the pay period, the entire studio will have to reach a minimum of 24 complete shifts, and totalling a number of 190 online hours (70 from Jane, 90 from Ophelia and 30 from Martha.

If the above conditions are met, the studio's efficiency will be 100%. Otherwise lest than 100%, or more... depending on how the models worked.

Use this option if the model was referred to your studio by another model from your studio, and you would like to reward that model with a percentage of what this new model will earn in future.

ATENTION: if you select a model, please also fill-in the percentage in the next field, so bonuses will be calculated automatically by the system.

Works from home?

If this option is YES, this model will not be able to contact the other models using the internal mail (messages) system, and also will not be able to use the Wall Of Fame.

Is allowed to access camsites from any IP address?

Nowadays its not enough to go to the studio and be online. A top-model will always try to reach the clients even from home, read their messages, reply to the messages, keep a closer contact with their fans.

If this option is yes, the models will have a "My camsites" section in their web panel where can access the websites, and also be able to automatically login into the camsites using the mobile app.

Can close the Remote RAC software?

If your studio uses Remote RAC surveilance software, you can allow your models to close this software if their shows will start being explicit and they need additional privacy.

If you select "yes" here, the models will be able to close the software from the performer app. You can ask her to come in your office, and prove this feature works.

However, if you chose NO, the model will "believe" that it was closed, but you will still be able to see her... its enough to prove her once that this works smile

Can access phrases?

The system offers you the chance to show your models a marquee-like bar on the bottom of the desktop, with useful phrases that they can use with a single mouse click in their websites.

If you chose YES, they will be able to see this bar on their desktop. Otherwise, the bar is not showing, but they can still access the phrases from the web panel.