Explaining the automatic detection of earnings

Explaining the automatic earnings module

Starting with 2017, the performer software can automatically detect earnings on camsites, if you (as owner) configure it to do so.

In the panel's settings, in the performer software area, you can configure how often the system will try to detect earnings. You can either disable this functionality, or configure it to do it every 20 minutes (or 40 minutes, or hourly).

So, if you configured the studio to detect earnings automatically, the performer software will "launch" a little robot, hidden, that will:

  • open each website
  • automatically authenticate the model in the website
  • if authentication was ok, navigate to earnings page automatically
  • if navigation to earnings was ok, try to detect the earnings
  • if a value was detected with no errors, report the value to the panel


ATENTION: This feature is NOT 100% accurate. It is maybe 99% accurate

On most websites, the detection is correct, to decimals precision.

However, detection might be incorrect in some cases, like for streamray (cams.com) or a few other websites.

ATENTION: Automatical detection is NOT possible for AdultWork, Streamate or iFriends. However, manual (on demand) detection is possible

On AdultWork for example, automatic detection is possible because of the CAPTCH on the site. Teach your models to manually click the earnings value above the camsite's icon in the performer software., to launch the "on demand" detection.

The software will open the browser (if not open already), login the model, wait for her to enter captcha, and then, open the earnings page and detect the earnings.

On STREAMATE for example, automatic detection is possible, but we disabled the feature, because streamate only allows 1 active login session at a time. So if our software secretly opens streamate in background and logins into it, will "destroy" the model's live session and create problems smile

So, instruct the models to press the earnings button in the performer software ($00.00 text above the streamate icon), so the software will open a new TAB in the streamate browser, navigate to earnings and detect the value. It will automatically close that new tab after detection was done.