Explaining the user interface of the performer app

In the moment when the model starts the PC, she will see the login window in the app, like this:


Authenticating in the software

The model (or the admin) will have to input their username and password, in order to use the app


The user interface for models:

As you can see in the image above, the software can be divided into 2 areas:

  1. the TOP part, with the site actions. That will be filled-in automatically with various actions, to login in the panel, to fill-in the scheduler, to start a splitter, to login in camsites, to open youtube, etc
  2. the second part on bottom which, horizontally, splits into 3 areas: first on the left, the zone for controlling the microphone. IN the middle, manual timers and on the right, the area where monitoring is visible and where a model can save info about members

Action buttons

Depending on the configuration of your computer and depending on the camsites that you work with, various actions will show-up

  •   Image The first button will allow the model to login with 1 click in the panel, to check earnings, etc.
  •   Image  From this button, the model will be able to fill-in the shifts scheduler
  •   Image  IF VisitX splitter is detected, it will show-up and will allow you to start this splitter.
  •   Image  This button will show-up if you have WebCamSplitter installed. It has 2 or 3 actions on it, depending on version and configuration. So:
    if WCS normal, 2 actions are possible. main click to open the splitter, and click on mouse wheel (scroll button) in order to open a preview of the splitter's image
    if WCS PRO, 3 actions are possible. The additional action is done with right click on it (allows inter-changing camera sources automatically, if configured with multi-camera support)
  • Image If the system detects a Logitech camera and the related software, it will show this icon to let the model access the settings for the camera
  • Image For all clients who installed pidgin and who use our internal messenger for support, this icon will show-up and will allow the model to start pidgin (if she closed it, because usually its started and configured automatically)
  • Image Some clients use SPARK messenger client, so if spart is detected as installed, it will show-up here
  • Image If skype is installed and if model has a skype account, the icon will show-up and also, the skype will be started automatically when the app starts.
    ATENTION: automatic login in skype was forbidden by Microsoft since a few versions back. Its not 100% automated. We recomend you to have a secondary partition on system (d:) where we will configure Skype to save the profile informations. This way, next time the model will start skype, the login will be automatically, because password is already "cached" locally on the system.

Actions for camsites

Basically all camsites have 3 actions, but not always all 3 are available:

  1. Left click - starts the website in the default behavior (either our default browser or the site's external app)
  2. Scroll click (wheel click) - will start the HD settings, if necessary (for example will start FMLE or OBS, if that is the case)
  3. Right click - will allow the model to chose a custom browser of her choice, in case you don't agree with our recommendations. For example we might always open Streamate with Chrome. But if model prefers Firefox instead, she can open it in firefox using right click (if firefox is installed ofc)


  • Image AdultWork. Left click configures and opens JustCamIt. Scroll click has no effect. Right click lets you open the site in browser of your choice
  • Image BogaCams. left click software, right click browser
  • Image Cam4. left click opens our preferred browser, and also, if FMLE is installed, will open the FMLE (or OBS) settings dialog. Clicking on scroll wheel will invoke again the HD settings, in case model closed them
  • Image CamContacts
  • Image CamDolls
  • Image Camgasm
  • Image CamHot
  • Image CamPlace.
  • Image Cams (streamray).
  • Image Chaturbate
  • Image Eurolive
  • Image Flirt4Free.
  • Image FreeWebcams
  • Image iFriends
  • Image ImLive
  • Image LiveJasmin.
  • Image LivePimpin
  • Image Modelcentro
  • Image ModelsOnWebcam
  • Image MyFreeCams. if MFCChat.exe is found, it will open it. Otherwise, the app will open Chrome and navigate to the browser page for streaming.
  • Image PantyBay.
  • Image ShaddyShow
  • Image SkyPrivate.
  • Image Streamate. If SMBroadcast is installed, the software will open it and also FMLE... so model choses which to use. You can also work with OBS if you want
  • Image Stripchat
  • Image VisitX. our app automatically configures their standalone app
  • Image WebCamClub
  • Image XLoveCam.
  • Image xModels (xCams).
  • etc etc

Controlling the m


As you will learn, the app allows controlling the microphone:

  • press MUTE if you want to temporarily mute the microphone
  • press AUTO if you want the app to automatically adjust the volume


Manual timers





These timers are not sending the data anywhere, but the model can use them if she wants to optimize her breaks or her shows... for example, if she plans to always strip of clothes only after 5 minutes of private, teach her to use it so she knows this, etc.

Monitoring and the database of members.





Basically here the model will see the upload speed and see how many hours she did out of her shift.

However, there is a drop-down tool, where she can search or save information about her members. OK, some sites offer features to save info about members, but many don't.

So, teach them to save info in the software about their members, like name, age, location, etc.

Statistics of earnings and manual detection of earnings

As you will notice, over some camsites you will see a text showing "00.00$". After some time, it will update automatically with model's earnings on that site. This is also a button that can be clicked (unless its disabled from the panel's settings), and is especially useful for websites like AdultWork or Streamate, where detection of earnings is not automatic.

Providesupport.com or tawk.to

In the panel settings you can configure either a provide support URL or a tawk.to url, for providing remote assistance to your models (though we rather recommend our internal messenger, because its free.

If you will configure any of these, the performer software will automatically open a window where the model will be kept logged-in, where you can provide her (as admin) technical assistance during the shift

Other informations that the performer software will show

  1. If you will fill-in the studio's regulations, every model that never read and accepted the rules will be shown a dialog where she has to read, sign and accept the terms.
  2. Similar as to rules, you can write NEWS articles in the performer forum, in the news section. Any topic in there (if not older than 1 month) will be shown to models, so they will be notified about the articles you wrote there.
  3. Motivations messages. You can configure motivation quotes in the panel, either text, image or videos from youtube or vimeo. These will be randomly shown to models from time to time, if you chose to show them.
  4. Useful phrases. You can define in the panel useful phrases to be used by your models, for inspiration or for various tipical shows. You can disable the phrases bar for individual models if you want, but keep it visible for others.