First steps for a new client

The web panel was installed. Now what should I do?

As we al informed you (via email or skype or by phone), your new setup is ready, and now you will have to configure the first user account, the MASTER (owner) account.

Registering the master super-user account

When registering it, you will be asked for the following information:

  • username. Our recommendation is to use something simple, like your first name, and avoid classic usages like admin or administrator. As a generic guideline for usernames in the panel, we recomend a combination between first name and last name. For example, if your name is Thomas Smith, you could try thomass. If you will also have a Thomas Stark, you can give thomasstark for the later one, to avoid confusion, etc.
  • email address. It is very important to have this field configured correctly, otherwise recover password functionality will not work.
  • password. It is important that the password contains both letters and digits, but we also recommend you to use special characters like ! or # etc. The passwords stored in our database are encrypted with a proprietary algorithm (for both panel accounts and also for camsite accounts)

If you followed the steps above, the panel will create your user, will configure a few things and will also login automatically.


In this moment, you can go to the next step: initial configuration of the web panel.