Installing or upgrading the performer app

Installing the app for performers (which also works for staff)

Our installer will make sure that all software requirements are met, during the instalation of the product.

It is very probable that your Windows is already preconfigured with the .NET framework. But even so, our installer might install additional .NET files, if necessary.

Basically the installer is quite fast, but it does a lot of things that require CPU power, and will take aproximately 3 minutes to complete. Basically the installer will:

  • extract all app files to your system
  • install our recommended version of Chrome and at some point, prepare Chrome profiles for the camsites (aprox 1.2 GB of storage)
  • install firefox profiles needed by the app
  • install Chrome extensions globally for the browser ( start Chrome, it will ask you to enable the extensions)
  • install and configure OBS streamer app, with visual effects and other cool features
  • install WinPCap - a software (drivers) needed in order to filter-out upload created by remote surveilance apps like tight vnc, etc.

What is WinPCap used for?

Our software uses a unique technique to detect if the model is online or not.

Other similar apps are using other techniques, but we discovered that they are not reliable:

  • computer IDLE system... based on movement of mouse or keystrokes. This system fails if the model does a lot of teasing (without touching mouse or keyboard for example) or if the model has a private show when is asked to sleep for example. Also, the model can do nothing but move mouse, to cheat the system
  • inspecting website's stats. Could work, but data usually is updated every minute (is not live) and we cannot query websites every second because it will ban the IP address. Also, the websites are way too many and most websites do not offer such webmaster statistics.
  • face detection from webcam. Could work, BUT some studios don't use splitters for example. On the other hand, it uses about 5%-10% of CPU power... and is pointless. Where to count that model can sit in fron of PC, it detects her... but she stays on phone to cheat the system, thus in break

So, considering so many ways of detecting, we discovered that the best choice would be to inspect the computer's upload speed. If upload is continuous and above a specific threashold, then means the model is online. Otherwise the model is in break.

This system can also be cheated (if the model for example keeps chaturbate broadcast open, disregard she pressed stop, video/audio is still sent to their servers. Or if the model "forgets" to close the FMLE streamer for streamate/cam4/etc, or if she forgets to close OBS, etc).

BUT, its the most accurate.

Atention: For those working with Adultwork, the app only does upload if you have customers in your room. Otherwise it does not do upload at all.


Finalizing the instalation

At the end of the install process, you will notice a few options (suggestions), like in the photo bellow:




  1. Optionally install WinPCap for Windows 10 - this option was removed in 2018.
  2. Optionally install Adobe's FMLE V3.2 - in case Adobe's FMLE is not installed, please install it.
  3. Install Skype version 7.6 - this option was removed in 2018
  4. Install Firefox 46.0.1 - this option was also removed in 2018.



The software will automatically check for new versions at start-up and will inform you when a new version is available for download.

It is highly recommended to always keep the software up-to-date!