Technical requirements for the web panel

The technical requirements for the web panel

As you might know already, there are 2 versions of the web pane:

  • version 2, written in PHP. Due to limitations in the technology for our purpose and needs, we discontinued this app.
  • version 3. Rewritten from scratch in .NET. This is most probably what you are currently using.


Technical requirements for installing version 3 (written in .NET)

Basically, if you decide that you want to host the database yourself, you must make sure that:

  • your hosting supports MySQL
  • create a database and a username for it, with full access (write, read, alter, etc)
  • ensure that the DB is publically accessible from a third-party server (eventually allow access to it only from our server's IP address(es).

To ease the process, we could allow easy configuration using TeamViewer.

Please note that if your webserver is not fast or the connection between our server and yours is not as fast as we should believe, you might experience a slow-down in browsing the pages.


Basically, you will have to decide on a name for the new subdomain where you will be able to access the platform.

For the sake of simplicity, let's assume that your studio is named TheStudio, and has the following web address: http://thestudio.com

In the above conditions, you might consider one of our suggestions for deciding on a new subdomain:

  • http://my.thestudio.com
  • http://login.thestudio.com
  • http://models.thestudio.com
  • http://admin.thestudio.com
  • http://modelcenter.thestudio.com
  • http://panel.thestudio.com
  • etc

Based on your decision, we will proceed to installing the panel.