Technical settings of the performer app

Configuring the technical aspects of the performer app

First of all, the performer app does 2 key things:

  • allows models to login in their platforms with 1 click
  • monitors their online activity based on upload speed

BUT, the app does a dosen of other things as well, like allows you to use FMLE easily (or OBS for same purpose), automatically configure JasminCam or JustCamIt or BongaModels apps, etc

So for this many reasons, the app will require you to configure some things, as following:

Configuring video and audio devices for some websites that support either FMLE or OBS or other software

Depending on the camsite platforms that you work with (as a studio), the interface might look similar to this:


In most recent version of the software (since we also added support for OBS), you can also decide if a specific camsite works with FMLE or with OBS, if that's the case, via ticking some checkboxes accordingly.

In case you will decide to use OBS, please click on the cogwheel in order to start OBS for that camsite, and configure its scenes and parameters accordingly.


Configuring WCS PRO for supporting 2 cameras, interchangeable with 1 mouse click

The performer software allows a unique feature for those who use WebCamSplitter PRO from VerySoft . With only one mouse click, the model can switch from camera 1 to camera 2 (both video and audio) instantly, without reconnecting on the camsite.

This switch is done by pressince RIGHT CLICK over verysoft's icon in our software.

The software will detect automatically if you have 2 cameras on your PC or only 1. If more than 1 camera, it will ask you to configure primary and secondary cameras, like in the image bellow:


If you want to disable this feature, configure the same camera on both primary and secondary.