Using the scheduler correctly

Learning to use the web panel correctly!

The models' scheduler

In normal work conditions, you will check the model's scheduler only when you will want to make changes to the shifts.

As we explained in the part with configuring a new model account but also in the page configuring work rooms and shifts, the models' shifts are filled-in almost automatically, as following:

  • if the model has a room and a shift assigned, the software will "force" her to schedule the shifts for next week, suggesting when to work, etc
  • if the model works from home, the model will automatically receive a spot in the "From home" virtual room, whenever she works
  • if the model works in different rooms in the studio, the software will automatically schedule new shifts in every new room, whenever he/she uses the software
  • if the model is not having a room assigned, the software will allow the model to schedule shifts depending on "avialability".
  • if the model is having a room and shift assigned, AND if she has a fixed scheduler, the software will automatically fill-in the schedules for next week without human interaction

So based on the above, you might check the model's scheduler only for situations like bellow:

  • when you want to cancel a shift (in the case when the model calls you and asks for cancelling the shift).
  • when a model finishes the shift, when you should:
    • re-add the earnings (if you have rights for that) to make sure the stats are correct
    • write an evaluation for the model's performance (if you have rights)
    • mark absences, delete shifts, etc (if you have rights)
  • or to schedule a new shift per request (in case a model decides to come at work but she did not have an appointment in the scheduler)


As you can see, most of operations are automatic, if you already configured things properly for this.


Action buttons in the scheduler and their meaning

  • Image - with this button, you can schedule a new shift for any model, no matter if the model has a room assigned or not
  • Image - this button can be used for scheduling VACATION shifts for models in a holiday. The system will count the vacation days automatically, per year.
  • Image - use this button to mark an ABSENCE
  • Image - use this button to add (or re-add) the earnings for a model's shift. If stats are already in the system, this button will be green, otherwise it is blue.
  • Image - use this button to write a new review (evaluation) of the model's performance in that shift
  • Image - use this button to add short comments about the shift (for eg: "model called to announce she will be late 15 minutes", etc)
  • Image - use this button to delete the shift. Deleting the shift will make you loose all data about that shift (like monitored online seconds, break time, etc).
  • Image - with this button you can modify properties of the shift, in case the monitoring software had errors (for example, you can change the number of online seconds or break seconds, or the start time of the shift, etc). You can also "exchange" the shift to a new type of shift in the same room for example, convert the morning shift, to the night shift.