Initial configuration of the web panel

Configuring the web panel

Step 1: let's first understand a little the business idea behind the panel, our understanding of a cams studio

In order to understand how this panel works, let's first try to understand how a studio works, how would be best to manage and run a studio.

Our software will allow you to get rid of chaos, to organize your business, to let everybody see specific dedails about their job, according to their "natural" rights. For example, if you have a driver that transports models from their homes to the studio, you should give him access only to the scheduler, to know whom is going to work or not. But this is only an example.

So, a cam studio:

  • might have models that are bound with company-to-company contracts (so we offer invoices), work contracts, services contracts or "gray" or any combination of the above. The Panel will not force you into any decisions, but you can configure everything accordingly.
  • have an unlimited number of work rooms... be it 10 or 50, it doesn't care
  • may have rooms with different shifts... for example you can have rooms with only one shift, or with 2 long shifts (12 hours) or 3 normal shifts (8 hours) or whatever you want. Or combinations of such rooms. The software panel will allow you to configure this thing to the bone.
  • you could pay your models using a flat fixed fee, or via targets per earnings, or targets per online hours.
  • may have trainers with full access to studio's models, or other trainers that could have access only to specific models (dedicated trainers for example, who will not care about other models, but focus only on their models)
  • etc

The above being said, the web panel can be configured exactly as you would configure your new studio when it comes to management, as you will learn bellow.

Step 2: natural order of configuring the panel

  • First its recommended to visit the panel's settings (Software Settings --> Panel Settings) and configure especially the following: studio's LOGO, studio's name, and the language of the panel (if the studio operates in Romania, we recommend to configure Romana as the primary default language. Don't worry, each user can configure a specific language from their account preferences, in case they want so.
  • Defining the work rooms and their work shifts. You will have to navigate to Software settings --> Work Rooms (/Settings/Rooms) where you will create new rooms, and create new shifts for your rooms.
  • If you will have models that use invoicing, please also configure the invoicing company details for your studio. Please note that part of the details here are also needed for work-contract's taxes.
  • We support many camsites, but your studio might only work with a few of them. So please make sure to go to Settings -> Cam Sites and from there, enable or disable the camsites that you work with

Step 3: Forum's categories and the employee evaluation topics (model reviews)

Our software offers you 2 nice features to better the communication with your models, and also for reviewing model's activity on their camsites.

Employee reviews (evaluation ff work)

In any successful company, every 6 months the staff will review the employees' performance. Based on the evaluation, salaries might go up or down. The project manager will ask the team leaders to review the employees, create reports, etc.

In a cam studio the process is similar, a studio's main focus is to help the models better themselves from a day to another. Considering that not always the trainers are in the same shift with the models, the evaluation system that we provide proves very good for sharing information about models' performance.

So, the software must be configured with "evaluation categories (options)", so you "ask" from your trainers specific details to monitor from the models. And here are a few suggestions:

  • Activity in freechat - what she does good or bad in freechat
  • Activity in private chat - for evaluation of model's behavior during private
  • Bad habits of the model
  • Appearance, make-up, hair, nails, etc...

The above are only a few examples ofh categories. Feel free to build your own strategy.

This is very useful for big (but also for small and medium sized studios) because you might have lead-trainers (who train the trainers) and then smaller trainers. A lead trainer will not-so-often deal with the models. But its useful for him/her to read the evaluations the others write, in order to give guidelines and advices.

The forums (there are 2 forums, one for staff and the other for models)

Go in settings and search for "Forum categories". From there you can categorize your internal forums.


Step 4: setting the administrative team

Depending on the size of your studio, you might be alone or have a team behind you.

First, go in settings and establish a few job titles. Establishing the job titles will not ensure "access rights" in the panel, but will help you later sending mass messages to "trainers" for example, as groups.

For each person you will add in the staff of your studio, you will have to follow a few important steps, in order to maintain security of the software:

  • creating the account. Please pay extra attention at choosing usernames and complex passwords. Our recommendation for usernames is to use the person's first name and last name (if John Smith, use johns or johnsmith or john). IN case of duplicates, add numbers or reverse them.
  • configuring access rights. Please read this dedicated page to admin rights in order to understand how the panel works.
  • documents: in order for the panel to show-up nice, please upload profile photos for admins as well
  • camsite accounts - Each admin might have access to specific studio accounts, if they are allowed to. For example, you can have a person in your studio that only takes care of model accounts. For such a person, you might want to give them access for site's management area, so he/she can create new model accounts/etc.  This is not required, but its helpful.

Step 5: dealing with the models in the studio

In the same way you deal with admins (staff), you will also proceed with the models.

For each model that you want to create an accont, you will have to:

  • register a performer account in the panel (Performers >H&R > Add new model).
  • after creating the model account, upload a profile picture for the model. This photo is important because it will be visible in the panel's pages, such as Wall of Fame, messages, etc.
  • configuring camsite accounts - it is a MUST to configure camsites accounts, otherwise the model will not be able to use the performer software in her room in order to go online.

Step 6: installing the performer software

Please read carefully our advices regarding installing the performer software , otherwise the app might not work as intended.

That's it baby smile